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USES - Drainage pump for emptying pits and cisterns, for gardening; completely constructed in non-corrosive materia.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - Handle, pump casing and suction grid in polypropylene; motor case in stainless steel;impeller in Noryl®; double lip seal; motor shaft in AISI 416 steel with ceramic bushing; world leading brand ball bearings; liquid
temperature range 0 - 40 °C; supplied with 10 meters of H05 RNF cable. Available with or without float.

MOTOR - 2 pole electric induction motor for continuous operations; stator made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel;insulation Class F; IP 68 protection; capacitor inside. Thermal protection for single-phase models; the user is responsible for threephase models.

ON REQUEST - Other operating voltages and frequencies; special liquids.

USES - ref. Catalogue 2008 - rev. 06 - pag. 100

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