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Ebara-SERIE 3 (3M-3S-3P)
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Ebara-SERIE 3 (3M-3S-3P)

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CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS according EN 733 (ex DIN 24255) STANDARD

AISI 304
End suction centrifugal pumps in accordance with DIN 24255 made of stainless steel AISI 304, applications include water boosting, heating systems, air-conditioning, washing systems and many other industrial applications.
WRAS approved pumps are available upon request.

3PF-3LPF and 3SF-3LSF products are according to ATEX Directive.
• Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
• Liquid temperature: from –20°C to +110°C
• Pump body, impeller, casing cover and shaft in AISI 304
• Impeller in AISI 304, in AISI 316 for 65 version • Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic/NBR
for standard version
• Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic/Viton for H version
• Mechanical seal on SiC/SiC/FPM for HS version
• Asincronous 2 and 4 poles motor
• Insulation class F
• Protection degree IP55
• 3~230/400V ± 10% 50Hz upto 4kW included,
400/690V ±10% above
• Thermal protection to be provided by the user
Available in 5 different versions, 2 and 4 poles
min 6.0 max 132.0
max 72.0 min 6.0



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